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This is my family:

About my blog:

My blog is about my life as a mom.  It's about fun activities to do with little kids, raising kids (typical and differently-abled), raising food--mostly organic and permaculture, cooking, and random hacks for around the house.  We also enjoy traveling and spending time as a family!

I hope that my blog gives you some ideas or encourage on our own journey of parenthood or gardening or where ever life is taking you!   I actually started this blog a few years ago and then decided to start a gardening plus lifestyle themed blog and decided to revive this one because I liked the content.

Here is a bit about why I want to garden.

About me:

I'm born and raised outside of Indianapolis.  My mom kept a garden when I was a child.  She mostly grew strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes and lots of herbs.  I have fond memories of cutting snips of herbs and making "herb tea".  I also really enjoyed helping in the garden and helping to cook.  I was preparing whole meals for my family from the time I was 10.

Helping in the kitchen circa 1990

My husband and I were married in December 2006.  We lived in Chicago for about 10 years.  But after our first child was born, we decided to move back to Indiana.  I loved living in Chicago in my 20's and early 30's, but I'm enjoying being back in Indiana!  I'm fortunate enough to still work for the same company that I did while in Chicago, but now remotely and at 75%.  I work in software management.  I also still code.  So, yes, I am a nerd!

My husband and I circa 2008

We have two young boys who I am calling Tomato and Blueberry on this blog.  As of March 2019 when I am updaing this "About Us" page...Tomato will be 5 in May and Little Blueberry is 2.  Those aren't their actual names.  I'm just not using their real names.

Tomato loves spicy salsas

Blueberry loves selfies

Our family hobbies include traveling, camping, spending time in the garden and hockey!

Tomato skating

Blueberry rooting him on!

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