2019 Garden Grow List

This is my current plan for this year.  I ordered most of  my seeds from Burpee and all my fruits were from Stark bros except for the strawberries.  I hadn't realized the variety of locations to order seeds so next year, I'll probably not choose Burpee for various reasons that I'll probably blog about later!  Once I knew better, I ordered from rareseeds.com and I noted which those are.  I also ordered Strawberries and some ornamental flowers etc from HenryFields.com.


Beans: Lazy Housewife; Monte Gusto; Purple Prodded

Beets: Bull's Blood (RareSeeds)

Carrots: Yaya; Deep Purple

Celery: Chinese Pink Celery  (RareSeeds)

Corn: Ambrosia

Cucumber: Lemon, Jibai Shimoshirazu   (RareSeeds)

Greens: Microgreens, mix; Arugula, garden tangy; Swiss chard, bright lights; Spinach, space; Lettus, loose-leaf blend, Chinese multicolor spinach  (RareSeeds)

Herbs: Basil, Sweet; Italian Parsley; Cilantro, calypso; Marigold, sweet; Boarage; Nasturtium; Chives, Dill; Lavendar, Munstead; Mint, Peppermint Chocolate; Mint, Peppermint; Chamomile, German; Chamomile, Flore Pleno; Persian Blue Catmint (HenryFields)

Melon: Cantaloupe, Sugar Cube

Peas: Sugar Snap Pea (RareSeeds); Wando Garden Pea (RareSeeds)

Pepper (sweet): Thunderbird; Niktia

Radish: Roxanne, Easter Basket Mix  (RareSeeds)

Squash: Summer, Golden Egg; Winter, Atlas (butternut); Zucchini, Green Tiger; Connecticut Field Pumpkin (RareSeeds), Delicata Squash

Tomatoes: Green Envy; Porterhouse; Razzle Dazzle Hybrid; Orange Wellington; Golden Mama; Black Pearl; Honeycomb 


(that I except to be bearing fruit this year)...months that each should bear for my personal reference!

Currant: Gloire de Sablon (July)

Raspberry: Anne Yellow (July and September), Joan J (July and August), Royalty Purple (August)

Blackberry: Triple Crown (early August), Arapaho Erect (mid June)

Blueberry: Patriot (June), Bushel and Berry Pink Icing (Mid July), Pink Lemonade (late July to early August), Herbert (late July), Bluecrop (July)

Strawberry: (all from Henry Fields) Ozark Beauty; Earliglow; Fort Laramie

I also have some fruit trees, but I think they need another year until they will be ready.  I might get some pears or plums.  Next year should be my first real harvest of those.  I just planted some new cherry trees so I will have 2-3 years until they bear fruit.

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