Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Packing for a Sleep Study Adventure

Between my two boys, we've had 3 sleeps studies and have another one scheduled.  We divided and conqured.  I've done two of them and my husband has done one.  He'll get the next one too (mwah-haha).

Realize that you, the adult, are not going to get much sleep.  People will possibly be coming into the room at various times throughout the night.  Also, you'll be woken up to go home around 5 or 6am, depending on the hospital.

You should arrive to the sleep center with the child already in his or her pajamas.  Follow whatever instructions your doctor gave you, but typically you should avoid sugar/chocolate/caffeine and possibly keep them from napping.

For a baby:
  • Diapers/wipes
  • Snacks
  • Water/Juice/Milk (keep in mind that there might not be a fridge for you, but you can always ask to see if there is)
  • Pacifier
  • Favorite toy(s)
  • A change or two of case of a diaper blowout, spillage, etc

For a toddler or young child:
  • Prepare by showing them several videos of other children having sleep studies.  I told Z about his sleep study 2 days before.  This was enough time for him to get used to the idea, but not so much time as to stress about it.
  • Everything from the baby list that your child might want
  • Their pillow if it is important to them (with a not-white pillow case so that it doesn't get mixed up with the other pillows.
  • The blanket from their room or bed (so that it smells and looks more like home).
  • Items to re-create any bedtime routine that is important to them.  For example, we read 3 books each night, so we brought 3 books to read before lights out.
  • You will not be able to dress them before going home, but I always bring extra clothes just in case.

For the parent:
  • Ask what sort of place they have for you.  Some sleep centers give you a small sofa, others a hospital bed and other just a chair.
  • I can't sleep without my pillow so I bring it with a differently colored pillow case.
  • A blanket.  While they will probably have something for you, it's likely to be thin.
  • A sweater
  • Comfortable clothes that you can sleep in but don't mind people seeing :)
  • Something to entertain you from lights out until you are ready to fall asleep.  I brought my kindle.  My husband brought his work laptop.  You just want it to not distract your child who will need to sleep.
  • Snacks and/or water.  There will be nothing for you to eat or drink.

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