Saturday, April 8, 2017

Our Colored Rice Adventure

I made some Kool-Aide dyed rice for a play date we hosted.

I bought 15 pounds of rice at Kroger on sale.  I put 2.5 pounds of rice in a plastic bag with 1/3 cup of white vinegar and 2-3 packets of Kool-Aid.  Other blogs measured their Kool-Aid but I like to live on the edge.  I shook the bags until the color had gone throughout the rice and then let it dry on cookie sheets overnight.

I thought that it looked pretty laid out in bands, but of course the rice isn't for looking, it's for playing!

I did not take a picture of the mess!  That would scare you off of doing this activity.  They all had fun and the little bit of extra cleaning was worth it to see how much all the toddlers loved playing with the rice!

Though on the subject of mess,  I've heard horror stories of rice breaking vacuum cleaners so I swept most of it up and used the vacuum only for the last bits.  Most of it I used the hose attachment and only rolled up the last pieces.

Our International Shower Adventure

Our au pair is getting married so I threw a shower for her.  And it was an International Fest!  

A couple of Karen's friends helped me throw it.  Look at the beautiful banner Yuri made!  She also made a canvas for everyone to sign for Karen to remember everyone who came to celebrate.

But you know me!  It was all about the FOOD!  Yuri from Columbia brought some Arepas and Empanadas.  Moana from France brought a savory Tuna Cake and a Quiche!

Between Yuri, Moana and I, we had food from every continent!

I made some Caprese sticks, three kinds of UK tea sandwiches, Australian sausage rolls and Swaziland Mealie Bread.  I made three types of pan-Asian satay in three different styles: Lamb, Shrimp and Chicken.  And representing the USA...we had some potato chips, lol.

The savory spread!

Though I am most proud of the dessert table.  Yuri brought a Lemon Pie.  I made Turkish stuffed apricots, Malawi Peanut Balls, and this amazing Norwegian Ring Cake.

The ring cake tasted super almond paste.  It wasn't super sweet, which was awesome.  Even better, it was easier to make than you'd think!  For sure easier than if I'd tried a traditional iced cake!

I even made some fun beverages.  Horchata, a rice drink from Mexico that reminds some people of rice pudding.  Though, I like horchata and am not a rice pudding fan.  I also made a favorite shower beverage of mine...Strawberry Basil Tea with either sparkling soda or sparkling wine added in.

And of course there were GAMES!

Yuri organized a game with pictures of every year of Karen's life, which was so fun!

I also made a few...Present Bingo, What's in your Cell Phone, Love Quotes From Movies and How Well Do You Know Karen!

I think I was most proud of the prizes.  Most of these I got at World Market.
USA - Bike mug with an assortment of hot cocoa mixes...including a bacon one!
International (2) - Passport covers
Morocco - Mint tea, moroccan looking hanging tea candle holder and tea candles
India - Small box and scented soap
Japan - Sake and a little snow globe with a japanese scene
France - Small bottle of wine and a bag of madelines
Europe - Italian cookies, gummy bears, cookie butter
Beach - Pedicure set

I put them in brown bags, where I wrote the theme on the bag.  As people won, they got to pick the theme and then open to discover the prize!

Zander crashed the party when he saw one of his favorite friends was an attendee.

It was a successful party!