Sunday, April 17, 2016

Coomer Farm Adventure

It's the spring again and Team Amundson has emerged from hibernation.  You'll see in the pictures that little Z is not so little anymore.  Well, he's still little, just not AS little as the previous post.

Last weekend we went to an open house at Coomer Farm.  Everyone was super nice and Zander loved seeing all the animals.

He got to pet a horse and a baby chick.  He loves El Pollito Pio's song "Pio Pio" (the joys of having a Spanish-speaking au pair includes Spanish kids' songs).  Pollito means little chicken so petting a little chicken was super cool for him.

We also got to see some pigs, a cow, a big turkey and a very spunky little goat.

I thought it was super cool that Coomer Farm had an open house.  It was nice to see all the animals!

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