Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt Adventure

We went over to West Park in Carmel for their Easter Egg hunt.  Karen (our au pair) came along too for the cultural experience.  Zander waited mostly patiently for his turn to hunt/scramble for eggs.  While we were waiting we went to check out the Easter Bunny.  Let's just say that Zander was not impressed.

That Easter Bunny is big and SCARY!

Karen with Zander and the Easter Bunny
We went to play on the park equipment and then got a nice banana as a snack.  Zander liked that better than the Easter Bunny.

There were several fields with eggs layed out (for different age brackets).  Zander and Daddy wandered the rest of the park while Karen and I held his spot.

Waiting for time to hunt

Then it was time for the hunt/scramble.

Look at them thar eggs!

I got one!

Humm...what is it?

I shall put it in my basket!

And more eggs!

Zander wasn't allowed the candy inside the eggs so we gave it to Karen instead.  More cultural exchange.

All in all, our first Easter Egg Hunt was a success.  As long as that scary bunny stays away!