Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Ready to Pop" Baby Shower Adventures

It's our first post where Zander is not the star.  Instead, my little sister is!   Meet Meg who is expecting a little boy in the back half of July.

We had  a "Ready to Pop" themed baby shower for my sister Meg!  And at 36 weeks she feels ready to pop but she looks super cute (she gets that from me).  My sister Ashleigh and I along with my mom organized the party for her.  Ashleigh had it at her house and we worked together on the food and decor.

I love themes for parties.  It helps organize all the ideas around the theme.  Or at least that is what I think!

Homemade Pop Tarts (Triple batch)
Buffalo Chicken Dip with Pops of Color (from bell peppers...also I added Kiefer to make it a little thinner)
Popcorn Bar (Kettle Corn, Caramel, Cheese)
Pop Rocks
Lolly Pops
Rice Krispy Pops


One of my favorite parts was a pop bar and blow pop "martinis" where you put a blow pop in sprite.

Well, I loved the popcorn bar too.  

We played a few games.  Guess the Baby Animal, Word Scramble, and a game where we blew up balloons and whoever was the closest in size to Meg's tummy won a prize.  

There was also Gift Bingo, of course.  

The prizes continued the pop theme with an assortment of bubble baths, a mini bottle of champagne (for those over 21 winners) and random nice smelling bath things.

 We ordered the cake and had them put balloons to continue the theme.

The favors were two Cake Pops (which almost killed me)

We also had a guest book where people wrote messages on a piece of paper and we turned that into a balloon picture.  I modified the base from this site and my other sister cut out card stock circles.

And we had people sign funny notes to diapers. 

Once again, another great day in Indiana!

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