Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pancakes and Airplanes Adventure

So what toddler doesn't like airplanes?

When Zander was a baby he didn't like them.  His first actual tear was at the Air and Water show last August in Chicago.  We were really excited that his tear ducts actually produced liquid (fun fact, they don't at first).  We even snapped a photo of it.  I know.  First time parents.  You'd think that the tear was because of that ridiculous hat, but no, he didn't like the sound of the airplane.

Fast forward 10ish months and he is quite the airplane fan.  The Noblesville Airport had a Pancakes Fly In fundraiser so we took the little guy out to see these awesome machines in action.  And to eat some pancakes.  Toddlers like those too.

In the Indy area and feeling a little sad that you missed this fun event?  There's another one on August 22nd from 8am to 11am.

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