Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mulberry Fields Park Adventure

Mulberry Fields in Zionsville was Zander's first splash park.  At first he was a bit timid, but eventually he became just simply cautious.

I thought that he was having fun but looking warm so I trying to splash him encouragingly.  That just resulted in him falling on his bottom and crying.  Worst. Mom. Ever.

So we took him to the "stream".  It is meant to look like a real stream and even has rocks, both big and small.  The little rocks were problematic since Zander is still a taster.  Let's just say that the stream stressed me out and not a few chocking hazards were swiped from Zander's grasp.  The prairie behind it was gorgeous and the bigger kids who understood that pebbles weren't a snack were having a blast running through the water.  Kudos to all of them for being careful around the baby.

We went back over to the splash pad and he gave the water another go.  He mostly enjoyed watching the bigger kids run around. He was very curious as to why the water sometimes came out of one hole and at other times another.  The big kids loved running through the rings when the water was blasting.

I would say that for older kids, it's a pretty neat park.  It wasn't good for kids Zander's age.  Beyond the chocking hazard laden stream, the playground had mulch.  It's cool in a retro sort of way.  There were a couple small rock walls and the playground didn't look sterile.  But, there were baby swings and that's all Zander really cares about anyways.

Two stars for toddlers.  Four stars for school age kids.  Not worth a long drive if you have a closer splash park.  But I did like that the equipment looked different from other parks that I've seen.

Afterwards we went for ice cream at Scoops in downtown Zionsville.  Zander had to get the fruit sorbet because, well, he's one.  He was very impressed.

All in all it was another great adventure in Indiana.

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