Sunday, June 14, 2015

First Pair of Shoes Adventure

Zander's first step was April 17th at daycare.  I know, right?  He was at daycare one day a week and when does he do his first steps?  Yeah. But, now Zander has gotten to the point that he doesn't crawl anymore.  Two weeks ago he was a solid cruiser and was taking a step here or there.  But suddenly it all clicked and he's decided that this whole biped thing seems like a pretty good idea.  He's even started to run.  Usually that ends with him face down on the floor, but he gets a few seconds of zoom before that.

He also wants to get down and walk in places where socks or bare feet would not work so well, like on the sidewalk or at the mall.  So, shoe time.

 Off to Stride Rite to get measured.  Zander was a 4 1/2...extra wide.  Yes, he has cute pudgy feet!

 Of course, the best part of any purchase is the box

Zander enjoyed showing off his new kicks at the park.

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