Sunday, June 21, 2015

Children's Museum Adventure

Zander received a gift of a year's membership to the Children's Museum from our good friends Becky and Barry for his first birthday.

From the website

The Indianapolis Children's Museum is a hands on museum geared for kids, but adults have a great time too!  Actually, they even have After Dark events just for the 21+ crowd.  Maybe Pete and I will go to that one day...but for today, our first au pair Lysiane and I took Zander during her last week with us.

Zander really enjoyed the "Playscape" which is a special area for kids 5 and under.  He was still one of the younger ones interacting.  Zander loves watching the older kids!  Also, there were balls there so he was very interested.  Ball is his favorite word to say.

We also rode on the carousel.  Zander liked the lights above our heads but would have much preferred to have been walking.

From the website 

Since we have a year's subscription, we will have lots of Children's Museum adventures ahead this year!  Thanks again Becky and Barry!

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