Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Ready to Pop" Baby Shower Adventures

It's our first post where Tomato is not the star.  Instead, my little sister is!   Meet Meg who is expecting a little boy in the back half of July.

We had  a "Ready to Pop" themed baby shower for my sister Meg!  And at 36 weeks she feels ready to pop but she looks super cute (she gets that from me).  My sister Ashleigh and I along with my mom organized the party for her.  Ashleigh had it at her house and we worked together on the food and decor.

I love themes for parties.  It helps organize all the ideas around the theme.  Or at least that is what I think!

Homemade Pop Tarts (Triple batch)
Buffalo Chicken Dip with Pops of Color (from bell peppers...also I added Kiefer to make it a little thinner)
Popcorn Bar (Kettle Corn, Caramel, Cheese)
Pop Rocks
Lolly Pops
Rice Krispy Pops


One of my favorite parts was a pop bar and blow pop "martinis" where you put a blow pop in sprite.

Well, I loved the popcorn bar too.  

We played a few games.  Guess the Baby Animal, Word Scramble, and a game where we blew up balloons and whoever was the closest in size to Meg's tummy won a prize.  

There was also Gift Bingo, of course.  

The prizes continued the pop theme with an assortment of bubble baths, a mini bottle of champagne (for those over 21 winners) and random nice smelling bath things.

 We ordered the cake and had them put balloons to continue the theme.

The favors were two Cake Pops (which almost killed me)

We also had a guest book where people wrote messages on a piece of paper and we turned that into a balloon picture.  I modified the base from this site and my other sister cut out card stock circles.

And we had people sign funny notes to diapers. 

Once again, another great day in Indiana!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Goodbye Adventures

We took Lysiane out for Habachi to say good-bye.

At the very beginning when they went to light the fire they asked if Tomato would be scared and I said no.  I was wrong.  The flash of fire and heat did scare him :(.  But then he warmed up...pun intended.  He thought that the chop sticks were pretty interesting and wanted to have his own pair.  I was positive that he'd poke his eyes out, but they remained intact.

Probably the best part was when the guy threw a toy egg and Lysiane and asked her to catch it.  We all thought that it was real.  Poor Lysiane.  No, the best part was the onion volcano.  Classic.

Tomato didn't understand enough about trains to find the onion train part funny.  Maybe next time.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you've not had Habachi in America.  We had some sushi too.  He's definitely my kid.  Nam nam sushi.

Father's Day Adventure

Pete had a nice Father's Day.  We met my parents for mass like we do most Sundays then we went over to their house for we also do most Sundays.  But, unlike most Sundays, Pete got to style Tomato's hair.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Noblesville Strawberry Fest Adventure

Noblesville is our county seat.  When I was a kid it was the biggest town in the county.  Now Carmel and Fishers have it beat, but Noblesville has one of the cutest downtowns.  And this weekend the downtown had a strawberry festival.

Tomato loved the strawberries.

We met Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Meg and Uncle Zane and all enjoyed hanging out in the strawberry shortcake tent together. But, in Tomato's opinion, his balloon was the very best part of the festival!

Children's Museum Adventure

Tomato received a gift of a year's membership to the Children's Museum from our good friends Becky and Barry for his first birthday.

From the website

The Indianapolis Children's Museum is a hands on museum geared for kids, but adults have a great time too!  Actually, they even have After Dark events just for the 21+ crowd.  Maybe Pete and I will go to that one day...but for today, our first au pair Lysiane and I took Zander during her last week with us.

Tomato really enjoyed the "Playscape" which is a special area for kids 5 and under.  He was still one of the younger ones interacting.  Zander loves watching the older kids!  Also, there were balls there so he was very interested.  Ball is his favorite word to say.

We also rode on the carousel.  Tomato liked the lights above our heads but would have much preferred to have been walking.

From the website 

Since we have a year's subscription, we will have lots of Children's Museum adventures ahead this year!  Thanks again Becky and Barry!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mulberry Fields Park Adventure

Mulberry Fields in Zionsville was Tomato's first splash park.  At first he was a bit timid, but eventually he became just simply cautious.

I thought that he was having fun but looking warm so I trying to splash him encouragingly.  That just resulted in him falling on his bottom and crying.  Worst. Mom. Ever.

So we took him to the "stream".  It is meant to look like a real stream and even has rocks, both big and small.  The little rocks were problematic since Zander is still a taster.  Let's just say that the stream stressed me out and not a few chocking hazards were swiped from Zander's grasp.  The prairie behind it was gorgeous and the bigger kids who understood that pebbles weren't a snack were having a blast running through the water.  Kudos to all of them for being careful around the baby.

We went back over to the splash pad and he gave the water another go.  He mostly enjoyed watching the bigger kids run around. He was very curious as to why the water sometimes came out of one hole and at other times another.  The big kids loved running through the rings when the water was blasting.

I would say that for older kids, it's a pretty neat park.  It wasn't good for kids Zander's age.  Beyond the chocking hazard laden stream, the playground had mulch.  It's cool in a retro sort of way.  There were a couple small rock walls and the playground didn't look sterile.  But, there were baby swings and that's all Zander really cares about anyways.

Two stars for toddlers.  Four stars for school age kids.  Not worth a long drive if you have a closer splash park.  But I did like that the equipment looked different from other parks that I've seen.

Afterwards we went for ice cream at Scoops in downtown Zionsville.  Zander had to get the fruit sorbet because, well, he's one.  He was very impressed.

All in all it was another great adventure in Indiana.

Pancakes and Airplanes Adventure

So what toddler doesn't like airplanes?

When Tomato was a baby he didn't like them.  His first actual tear was at the Air and Water show last August in Chicago.  We were really excited that his tear ducts actually produced liquid (fun fact, they don't at first).  We even snapped a photo of it.  I know.  First time parents.  You'd think that the tear was because of that ridiculous hat, but no, he didn't like the sound of the airplane.

Fast forward 10ish months and he is quite the airplane fan.  The Noblesville Airport had a Pancakes Fly In fundraiser so we took the little guy out to see these awesome machines in action.  And to eat some pancakes.  Toddlers like those too.

In the Indy area and feeling a little sad that you missed this fun event?  There's another one on August 22nd from 8am to 11am.

First Pair of Shoes Adventure

Tomato's first step was April 17th at daycare.  I know, right?  He was at daycare one day a week and when does he do his first steps?  Yeah. But, now Tomato has gotten to the point that he doesn't crawl anymore.  Two weeks ago he was a solid cruiser and was taking a step here or there.  But suddenly it all clicked and he's decided that this whole biped thing seems like a pretty good idea.  He's even started to run.  Usually that ends with him face down on the floor, but he gets a few seconds of zoom before that.

He also wants to get down and walk in places where socks or bare feet would not work so well, like on the sidewalk or at the mall.  So, shoe time.

 Off to Stride Rite to get measured.  Tomato was a 4 1/2...extra wide.  Yes, he has cute pudgy feet!

 Of course, the best part of any purchase is the box

Tomato enjoyed showing off his new kicks at the park.

Blogging Adventures

Hi!  My name is Lauren and let me welcome you to my Indiana Adventure!

My family and I just moved to the Indy area from Chicago and our first au pair is getting ready to go back home to France.  This blog is an attempt to keep in touch with our out of state and country family and friends.

That picture above is us standing in front of the plot of land upon which we will build our house.  And by "we will build our house", I mean Pulte is building it.

It's just the three of us.  It me, Lauren, my husband Pete and our son who in this blog we are calling "Tomato".  That's not his real name.  He just turned one.

C'mon!  Let's go on an adventure!